Elements Of Popular Culture

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1. Define popular culture in one sentence and in your own words (don’t look up a definition). Popular culture refers to the major influential ideals, values, and worldviews that are predominant in a society – this can range from liberalism all the way down to internet memes. 2. Which elements of popular culture do you consume? Outside of some of the larger more socialized values and ideals that are ingrained in Western society, such as liberalism, I consume a lot of the same elements of popular culture most young adults do. I enjoy memes as much as the next university student, although I do not watch television, a lot of my media comes in the form of Youtube and Netflix. Because I do not watch television most of my news comes from various independent news sources such as The Atlantic, but the vast majority of it comes from Reddit, which is sort of an aggregator of news from many sources. 3. For what purposes? In other words, why do you consume popular culture? In my view, popular culture is a requirement to remain cohesive within one’s societal demographic. If you are completely out of the loop with all the ways of conversing, behaving, and understanding the most relevant ideals for your age group, you would have a hard time fitting in and interacting. For example, the “send nudes” video included in this week’s lesson is a funny example of how not understanding the relevant popular culture might isolate one from others within their demographic. To iterate this point
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