Essay On Elements Of Production Planning

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Chapter takeaways
After completion of this chapter the reader would be able to
1. Appreciate the Role and Scope of production planning & control in a successful organization
2. The specific planning and control principles to be applied for long range and short range plans
3. Understand the factors contributing to the complexity of control so as to prepare for any exigencies.
4. Relate the P-D-C-A cycle of quality control and the O-A-A-E cycle of production control.
5. Make further study of the references made at the end of the chapter.

Synopsis: Production planning and Control department is one of the important departments for the manufacturing company whatever
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Control of activities: This involves the release of manufacturing orders, setting plans in motion at an assigned time by means of dispatching.
2. Control of material movements: This requires observations of item of receipt of material form vendor of issuance to shop and of movement within the shop, all in accordance with the production plans.
3. Control of tool availability: This requires observation of the availability of the tools specified by the production planning division in the tool crib, as and when planned.
4. Control of due dates: This requires observation of the effect of delays or stoppages on machine loading which may interfere with the completion of the work assigned to the machine on the due date process. Machine loading is defined as the amount of work assigned ahead to each machine. It is sometimes wrongly called “machine burden”
5. Control of quantity produced: This involves observation of work in process at predetermined stages to determine if the right quantity of acceptable work has been processed.
6. Control of replacements: This requires observation of the quantity of raw material and of work in process that fails to pas each stage of inspection, with provision for issuing replacements orders for such material or
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