Analyzing Elements Of Prose Fiction In Virginia Wolf's A Haunted House

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An Analysis of Elements of Prose Fiction on Virginia Wolf’s A Haunted House
Ni Komang Natalia Riastini
The elements of prose fiction is a part of a story. When all of the elements join together in a story, then a good story will come. This essay present an analysis of the elements of prose fiction but just two out of six elements. A theory also will support this analysis.

1. Introduction Literature study is learn about poetry, poem, and also a short story. Those things have elements to build a beautiful meaning. When wanting to analysis one of those things, first of all, is have to know their each element.
Each story has elements of prose fiction. According to Koesnosoebro (1988) in his book of The Anatomy of Prose Fiction, there
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This essay is going to use the theory of Perrine in a book The Anatomy of Prose Fiction by Drs. Sunaryono Basuki Koesnosoebro which is about the plot (on pages twenty-eight) and theme (in pages seventy-six). A plot in a story is the sequence of events which are arranged. Perrine (1959: 61). A theme is a purpose of the author to tell a story for a reader. Perrine (1959: 137)
3. Analyzing A Haunted House
3.1 Analyze on plot Each story has their own plot. Sometimes plot can make a reader know characters of a story slowly by following the plot. Besides, that can also make a reader know the sequence of a story. Based on the theory above about the plot, here the result of the analysis. These are the plot of that story. There is a ghostly couple who lives in a house that empty. Situations in that house make something feels worried. At the end of the story, anxious there is someone who has a dream about a ghostly couple and what the ghost’s activity at that empty house. Then, someone wakes up from the dream and cries. The author tells the story orderly. Starting from introducing the cast in that story. Then tell the all characters step by step. Besides that, showing the activities of that cast. The plot in that story very smooth to tell about
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