Elements Of Public Relations

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2.2 Provide 3 public relations elements that are not associated with marketing with elaboration. Elaboration must relate to the practices of this organization.
Nowadays, Public Relations are growing like mushrooms after raining day. Bigger company started to hire public relations practitioners to help their organization and because of this, people started to be confused of marketers and public relations practitioners’ role. Public Relations and marketing is difficult to explain in words because public relations is integrated completely into the marketing process. So, we need to see deeply to define why public relations cannot associate with marketing.
First and foremost, what is marketing? Marketing can be defined as the selling of services
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(2014) PR mostly focuses on the company’s image. Taking a much broader approach, PR is concerned with the views of the general public and important stakeholders, such as the media, legislators and investors. Public relations also can be a process of developing harmonious relationship between an organization and internal as well as external public. The internal public consists of employees in a company whereas the external public involves consumer, stakeholder, government, suppliers and so on. The public relations support all the management functions in achieving corporate goals. For some businesses, they view public relations practice just as a marketing tool but public relations practices plays a…show more content…
However, the marketers can do the jobs scope of public relations but it cannot replace the public relations practices entirely. For an example, marketing pay to have messages placed in newspaper, radio, TV, magazine and so on but public relations is free to publish the article that features your company because it has no placement costs. Public relations allows the professionals to get evidently for a private operation without paying a media company a single cent. This is one of the major advantages of public relations. Even though it is free but public relations practice need to keep in touch with the media people in order to build a good relationship and reputation for your company. Public relations practitioners use their time to pay for the costs. At the same time, the marketers do not do this because they focus on designing the marketing strategies for their company to help expand business and bring the business to excellence. A public relations practitioner is one who always orchestrates the relationship between their organization and the media. If they have a good relationship with media it will bring good image to your company and the media will publish your company or products in a good way. In addition, if you hired a right public relations practitioner, it won’t be more costly than an advertisement a marketer uses. It is
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