Key Elements Of Suicide Terrorism Essay

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The fear element is what makes terrorism difficult to tackle. Once a community has been victimized by an attack, people become afraid that terrorism will repeat itself. Societies that fall prey to numerous terrorist attacks often develop a sense of resignation, going about their daily business despite any potential danger. For a community that experiences terrorism for the first time, or isolated incidents of terrorism, fear comes from another key element which is surprise. The various ways used to terrorise the public is explained below. The first and most common way of terrorism is detonating explosive devices. As a consequence of globalisation, the relative ease of access to the chemicals used to make explosives has made improvised explosive devices increasingly prominent. This has the dual effect of increasing the available firepower of terrorists who are generally far weaker than their targets as well as assuring the publicity necessary to attract sympathisers to their cause. These may be implanted in automobiles to make a car bomb, planted on the roadside to detonate near…show more content…
Suicide terrorism is the most aggressive form of terrorism, pursuing coercion even at the expense of losing support among terrorists ' own community. What distinguishes a suicide terrorist is that the attacker does not expect to survive a mission and often employs a method of attack that requires the attacker 's death in order to succeed. In essence, a suicide terrorist kills others at the same time that he kills himself. Usually these tactics are used for a demonstrative purposes or to targeted assassinations. In most cases though, they target to kill a large number of people. Thus, while coercion is an element in all terrorism, coercion is the paramount objective of suicide terrorism. The number of attacks using suicide tactics has grown from the year 1980 to 2005. These attacks have been aimed at diverse military and civilian

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