Elements Of Tragedy In Things Fall Apart

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The things fall apart by Chinua Achebe can be characterized as the tragedy; this novel traces few element of tragedy. Okonkwo as a protagonists in the novel has element of tragic hero which portray as a character which is an one of an element of the tragedy as stated by Aristotle in his Poetic. The plot of the novel is complex one with the reversal of situation ( Peripeteia ) and recognition/Discovery of the protagonist (Anagnorisis ). The novel also has an element of spectacle with the catharsis though the diction is hard to trace while the” thought” is expressing well in the novel. This easy wills critically analysis the novel thing fall apart as a tragedy defines by Aristotle.
Things fall apart is a modern tragic where protagonist is not from a noble family but a respected and influential leader within the Ibo community of Umuofia in eastern Nigeria and well known throughout the nine villages and beyond.
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He then gains a respected and becomes an influential leader within the lbo community of Umuofia. Okonkwo is well known throughout the nine villages and beyond. His fame and position is his personal achievement and reward of hard working. In the novel, Okonkwo is one of representative from his clan as he was one of the nine Egwugwu. But however things turn worse when he mistakenly killed Ezeudu’s son for which he had to flee to his motherland and endure suffering to restart his life. There he didn’t get any recognition, what he used to get when he was in his clan. Moreover his return was not welcomed by his clansmen and he lost his importance in the clan, at last he commits a suicide by hanging himself from the tree. This show one of the characteristic of tragic hero, reversal of the
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