Summary Of The Rain Flow Analysis

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Elements to Analyse:
1. A) Flow.
Scene 1, starts off with a mother watching a movie in another language and trying to learn it which is French and her son is sleeping on her lap. In scene 2, we’ll know that the mother is a taxi driver, who works hard to make a living and takes his to school every day and is a taxi driver who really loves her work. In scene 3, we can already tell that the mother will always design the car so it would look as if they are in that particular place and one day but the mother does this every time she fetches him. Although her job as a taxi driver can be challenging at times, she always will show up at school to fetch the son in a new kind of setting in the car. In scene 4, we can see that the mother is late and the son is very upset and was waiting for her to come, but the mother never fail to cheer up her son even I her hardest times. In scene 5, after 18 years and we can see that the son I is all grown up and is ready to go somewhere and after that years still the mother watches the French movies and I still is learning it. So the son repays his mother for all those years what she did for the sake of him and by repaying he actually made his mother cry when he showed her the airplane tickets that he has purchased for him and his mother. His mother was so happy.
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The theme colour of the TVC is blue, because we can a lot blues coloured things or background. But in overall we can say that the TVC is colourful, because the different places that are displayed in is TVC brings a lot of colour in the TVC. So the TVC is in full colour because showcases different parts of the world. (FULL/Standard RGB
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