Elena Vilkas Character Analysis

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Firstly ,Elena Vilkas. A selfless, hardworking, fearless mother who installed strength and determination to those around her who may not have survived without. Also known for her unselfishness which she exhibited in many situations of the novel. For example,when Elena gave up her bread ration to a starving boy who was already dead but had his hand outstretched as if he was asking for food. The incredible thing about it was that she herself was also very sick and that bit of food could’ve ended up being very critical between life or death. However, she still sacrificed it, which many people dealing with the same situation wouldn’t have. Another example, the night Elena’s family was seized she decided to shatter her precious china ware. She…show more content…
Lina demonstrated courage in life changing situations at only the age of 15 and did a great job at it. For example,Lina displayed courage when she documented significant events by drawing, hoping these messages would end up in her father's hands, but at a great risk. Lina was aware that the consequences of her drawings being found could lead to death in reason of the NKVD not tolerating any sneaky behaviour, but she continued.Along with her headstrong personality Lina also displayed courage when standing up to a guard and screaming the words “I HATE YOU”. At the age of fifteen she had great fortitude to confront the authority that could borderline her life in a second if wanted. It may have just been three words but the risk that came along with them was vast. But when Lina was tested most when her mother passed from sickness, she still managed to fight through the emotions, look after her younger brother, and the other prisoners. It’s unbelievable how someone so young portrayed so much tenacity during the death of a loved one. Despite the long and agonizing journey, spanning years ,it is through incredible strength, love, and courage that Lina ultimately
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