Abstract Art Analysis: A Baby Elephant

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The image I chose about the elephant. This picture is “Baby Elephant Abstract”. The artist is Jane Schnetlage. A baby elephant in a bright abstract colors. This picture is abstract art. Abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. The elephant is an animal of thailand. The elephant is considered important and animal elephant is very valuable. Actually, the elephant is an animal that is paired with Thailand forever. A graceful animals Stand to be heavily used. And had Greer flawless high vehicular guard battle of King of Thailand in the past. At one time, the image of an elephant never turns out as a color - red and white on the flag of Thailand. Before switching to the flag. In this current economic climate has changed. Today, the abandoned elephants, struggle with starvation hungry alone. There are several excellent tongkrasueak rope elephant arriving in major cities, which is where they will live for only Chang to revenue. While the problem of elephants is not familiar with the social conditions in the city and there are also problems with the accident from being injured until the crash was. For example, one has to see and it's a lesson and…show more content…
Thailand elephants are the defending national independence. Elephant used as a vehicle to transport the UK have seen the importance of elephant. Have provided the Chang Thailand. Results from the fact that Thailand is Thailand’s elephant occur. It was an honor that animals are important again. In addition to the honor of the elephant had been in the past. Whether it’s a white elephant in the flag. Or a white elephant is a symbol of the country. Therefore, we should attention turned to elephant. Love the elephant, and cherished the importance to provide assistance more elephant
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