What Is A Cinematic Version Of Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Let’s address the elephant in the room. This is a movie that has been in the making for decades the two greatest heroes of the DC comics universe together in a movie. There were high expectations when the movie was announced. This expectancy of the legion of fans across the globe, elevated this movie high on a pedestal. From the first decisions of the casting, the portions of the script known and the movie itself. There was harsh criticism. It is hard to please everybody and it is even harder to send a foundation for a stream of movies to come. Warner studios realized too late that they owned the rights to a mine of gold that could produce billions of dollars. Marvel was smarter and gave them a run for their money, they are ahead of the game…show more content…
Fans that are familiar with the diverse stories of these heroes may not have any problems realizing and putting together the familiar storylines that occur in this movie. I have read some of the diverse arcs explore in the movie. The problem is there is way too much information to pull everything together. The movie even jumps forward announcing that there may be a cinematic version of “Injustice: Gods Among Us” based on the popular video game. This is one of the few easter eggs found if the movie, if you are a fan of the DC Universe then you are going to have a blast discovering the minor details of some of the movies that Warner has in store for us. The problem is that the majority of the people watching the movie is unaware of such story line and are going to get lost within the continuity of the movie. This is one of those times in which more is…show more content…
Everyone gave their two cents when it was announced that he would play the cave crusader. It was not the first time than a casting of Batman has given fans a sour taste. The truth is that he is not a bad Batman. He is a good one considering that he is playing a mature Batman, by the time this movie takes place he has been around for years and he has been fighting crime way too long. Affleck does a decent job he is more credible than Christian Bale in my opinion. He has some consisive action sequence he even reflects the type of batman from the Tim Burton’s era on the franchise.

Henry Cavill (Superman) reprises his role as the man of steel. He is probably the only cast options that the studio wanted to include. There could have been a new Superman to make this movie as his last appearance on a movie wasn’t that convincing, but I think it was a good choice if they want to continue doing a logical series of movie, you cannot chance the actors that often. Cavill may not be a good actor, but he gets the job done. In this movie he has the chance to get deeper into character and I think in the future incarnations of the role he would get more comfortable playing
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