Summary Of Shackleton's Life On Elephant Island

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Shackleton and his crew were doing a expedition when they suddenly got stuck in the ice, they tried for hours to get out by smashing the ice with pixake’s. The ice got tighter and tighter until it finally broke through the boat and crushing it, to where it was no longer of use. The men traveled through sea and land, they even got caught in a hurricane. Nobody from his crew died during this horrifying moment. They came across a island called elephant, they set up camp and shackleton took some men to go find help, the rest of the men were stranded until he returned. Elephant Island is a place where shackleton’s crew went and waited to be rescued. Elephant Island has a bunch of mini mountains on it with no tree’s and in the antarctic, it is one of the worst places you could be to survive, It’s climates are extremely harsh. Life on elephant island was harsh for the crew, they had to face many challenges like frostbite, storms and elephant seals that could’ve killed them. There main source of food would’ve been elephant seals and penguins, they had blubber stoves to cook their food. Their shelter was a capsized lifeboat, where they had to set up hammocks inside it. Shackleton’s crew was stranded on elephant island for 4 months until he…show more content…
Shackleton explained that they found a camp on one of the island’s and he got sent home in a ship and had to wait for a while to get another ship, 3 months to be exact. All the men survived, they were all safely returned home without any problems. World War 2 was still going on when they arrived, most of the crew went into the army to fight against hitler. Shackleton got another crew and went on another expedition, he passed away during it from heart problems. To this day, shackleton and his crew survived the hardest thing in

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