Elephants Extinction Essay

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Why are elephants all over the world going extinct? Elephants are facing a devastating downfall.Endangered animals are all over the world, but elephants are on the verge of extinction. In 2008, conservationists revealed research that African elephants would be extinct by 2020 if poaching doesn’t stop soon. By reason of hunters poaching for the ivory, there are predators longing a solution to there hunger, along with a deficiency of zoo care that is springing into a devastating population drop.

One of the main reasons elephants are becoming extinct is because of poachers hunting them for their ivory. It has become illegal for poachers to hunt elephants for ivory but that doesn’t stop all the slaughter. Artists will buy the poachers ivory and make beautiful creations like lamps, knives, piano keys, and just simple decorations. Ivory can be used for many decoration but is it worth killing our well known elephants? Removing ivory will almost always kills the elephants. In reality is it worth it? No is the answer that the U.S Wildlife and Fish services gives us. Because they have spent up to 2.7 million on trying to prevent it. Even though it has become illegal to hunt elephants for there ivory it doesn 't stop most poachers. That is still one of the main reasons why the population is dropping. On top of the elephants going extinct artists are just using the ivory for mainly decorations.

Elephants have a big diet, so they have to eat a lot. They are herbivores, so they only

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