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The book Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario is a nonfiction book based on a real story told throughout 367 pages. The reason why I decided to read this book is that it was highly recommended by one of my former English teachers. I was extremely persuaded to read this book by her but I also personally believed that by reading this book I would gain a new understanding of life by really opening my mind to new experiences that other people go through.
This journey begins in Honduras, a country in Central America, then continues into Mexico and finally in the United States where Enrique ends up living for the remaining of the story. The story definitely took place a couple decades ago when Enrique was younger. The setting of the story is important
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Lourdes, Enrique’s mother, loved her children as every mother does and did anything in her power to provide for them even if it meant to travel 1,619 miles into a foreign country. Many parents like Lourdes have left their entire families for job opportunities and risk their lives through the dangerous journey but they have the hope and motivation because of love— love for their sons and daughters. Even Enrique found himself doing the same for his soon-to-be-born baby which was one of the components that made him persevere in his…show more content…
The quote that stood out to me is a simile “Fear drains from his mother like a wave back into sea” (Nazario 189). This quote is a simile because fear and waves are obviously not the same thing but are being compared to each other. Waves come out of the sea once they reach the shoreline the same way that fear came out of Enrique’s mother once she heard his voice over the phone. His mother was extremely scared once she found out he was looking for her therefore when she heard he was still alive she felt relieved because her fear was to never see him
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