The Elevator Speech Analysis

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The elevator speech has as much mystery around it as Hitchcock movie. It has been talked about and touted as the ultimate skill, so much so that it scares people to give it a go. Let me wipe out those fears and give you a formula for success. You have probably been is a few uncomfortable situations where a person starts to explain what their business does and after trying to pay attention to them for 7 minutes you still have no idea what it is they do or if you would even need what they do. They probably talked about how they package their services or even their hourly rate, they may have even named dropped a few prominent people they have done work for. However all of this doesn't give you the information you need to know if they can help you or they are just going to confuse you even more. Sadly this is far too common a problem with small business owners. They are trying so hard to grasp at anything that will give them…show more content…
The reality is no matter what service you offer it is not for everyone. If you have the best steaks in three states and I am a vegetarian then you have excluded me. If you try to be all things to all people you will be a master at helping no one. So in the same example you might answer this buy saying I work with first time home buyers- or you might say you work with retirees looking to downsize. Whatever it is you need to focus on it and use it. Let's examine the question: How are you different? What is it about you or your service that is unique? What separates you from the other people in your industry? Maybe it is your speed of service, or your personal touch. Whatever it is you need to identify it and own it. You might remember a small package delivery service that touted "when it absolutely positively has to be there overnight". If you continue with the example it might be that you have the largest listing of houses in the XYZ school

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