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Eli Gershkovitch Superstars 08/07 (-- removed HTML --) Eli Gershkovitch Inspires Brand Awareness for Steamworks and Canadian Craft Beers (-- removed HTML --) Times are changing in the beer industry, and mass-market domestic beers no longer command an overwhelming advantage in what hip people choose to drink. Millennials especially favor craft beers over Budweiser, Miller, Pabst Blue Ribbon and even Coors, which got its start as a regional specialty beer that moved into the mainstream. Craft brewer Eli Gershkovitch has sparked new interest in quirky, independent behavior and an appreciation for Canadian beer. Canadian breweries recently received 24 medals at the U.S.Open Beer Championship where more than 6,000 beers in 100 styles competed for top honors. [1] The craft beer industry has exploded over the past two decades because of the efforts of beer aficionados who appreciate fine beer in much the same ways as wine lover or oenophiles. The craft beer industry has made major inroads against the national …show more content…

At that time, craft breweries were more novelty than mainstream, but that didn't stop Gershkovitch whose motto is often summarized by the statement, " You can’t run out of runway if you’re the one building it." [4] Eli Gershkovitch is also a pilot who frequently uses aviation analogies. Gershkovitch didn't settle for a single beer brand or just a brewery. “Everybody is talking about craft beer at the moment. I’ve been doing craft beer now coming up to 21 years. I’ve seen the cycles. I was part of the first wave, and now I’m part of the second wave.” Unlike other brewers, Gershkovitch expanded his Gastown facility from 184 seats to 754 seats and set up an additional facility at the Waterfront Station called the Transcontinental Restaurant, which evolved into the Rogue Kitchen and

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