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Fashion Re-Play: How To Get The Eli Manning And Tom Brady Look Fashion is not only linked to movie stars, popstars, models and celebrities but it is also gaining popularity among famous sportsmen and athletes who are becoming fashion icons. There are many popular stars and athletes who are taking clues from their super-model girlfriends and wives, while the others who are just getting inspired by their brothers off-the-field. In either ways, Eli Manning and Tom Brady are two classy actors and models who run their money all in their custom made shirts, suit and dresses. Tom Brady Style Brady knows how to style and he definitely knows the importance of layering. The key to this style is by knowing how to replicate it without any extra efforts.…show more content…
The chalk strip is known to be a difficult look if not style properly, Eli loves this look but would look better with an upgraded DB version from the Ralph Lauren accented colors in ties and different prints. When it comes to the fitting of a suit or a dress shirt Manning is known to be a pro, I don't remember that he has ever come in a regrettable situation. Eli is not as good as Brady with the accessories, particularly his tie collection is terrible it's like as if he has inherited the ties, even a pocket square couldn't save him. For grooming here really needs to get his eyebrows maintained as it could do wonders to his overall look. These two men are the best example of showing that guys can dress up well too. Custom tailoring and custom suits are best for them as they fall in the category of athletic build which is way too difficult to find off-the-rack. So for guys like Eli Manning and Tom Brady customized dress shirts and suits are the best answer. Author Bio Nicola Brian is a passionate blogger who loves to blog about fashion, travel, health, relationships and lifestyle trends. When in leisure time, she prefers to spend time in traveling with friends and

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