Eli Whitney: The Invention Of The Cotton Gin

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Eli Whitney was born on December 8th 1765 in Westboro, Mass. He was born on a farm and loved farming. Eli went to Yale to study to become a lawyer, but later became a tutor in South Carolina because it was well needed at the time. Nearly ten years later Eli created the cotton gin. Eli felt like this invention was needed due to the process of cotton was a long enduring process that needed to speed up due to the high demand of cotton. To invent the cotton gin Eli analysed what the slaves were doing to remove the seeds from the cotton fiber and make it more proficient. He went through many trials and conquered some problems, but later figured out the problems. The cotton gin was then created. The cotton gin was created in 1793 by Eli Whitney. It worked by simply putting cotton bolls in the top of the machine. Then, turn the handle of the machine so the cotton goes into the wire and takes out all of the seeds. Finally, pull out the cotton and you’re all done. The cotton gin was mainly used by either the slave or the workers done south because the vast majority of the cotton was coming from at the time. The cotton gin was used in the southern part of the United States at the time. The cotton gin over time made the industry for cotton to rapidly grow in the next 50 years.In the south the population of slaves grew just as the cotton did. There were more slaves in the South overtime due to the rise of the cotton that needed to be picked by the slaves. It was affecting the

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