Dockterman's Argument In The Digital Parent Trap

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When it comes to kids, tech advice is changing, and Eliana Dockterman wants you to listen. Dockterman’s general argument in her piece, “The Digital Parent Trap,” is that early exposure to technology can have several benefits. She uses a plethora of facts, quotes, and reasoning to support this claim. Also, her word choice and sentence structure serve to emphasize her argument. Lastly, her organization and content build the credibility of her and her argument. The piece’s objective, yet optimistic, tone further compliments and supports her purpose: to convince readers that early technology exposure has benefits. Dockterman fills her piece with facts and arguments in order to logically convince the reader of her stance. In the very beginning…show more content…
In the piece, she uses a wide variety of clearly cited facts, statistics, and quotes. By presenting a variety with well documented sources, she shows that she is a well-written individual. This greatly increases her credibility with the reader, and as a result, greatly increases the credibility of her piece with the reader. Also, before she begins with her main argument, Dockterman presents a somewhat lengthy counterargument. The use of such a long counter shows the reader that she is confident in ability to write about the topic and able to be fair when considering her stance. This unbiased confidence massively improves how the reader views her and her writing, which then increases the effectiveness of her argument. Together with her solid argument, Dockterman shows she is a trustworthy writer, well-versed in her stance that childhood exposure to technology has many benefits. Through her excellent use of evidence, solid sentence structure, and well-built credibility, Dockterman has shown herself to be an excellent spokesperson on the side of early technology use. She has shown her readers how technology can build and improve lives, and how it takes proper use to do so. So now that the reader has seen the benefits themselves, maybe they will take the new advice on technology, instead of the
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