Elie Tornado Research Paper

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Elie Tornado
In 2007 a terrible tragedy happened to Elie, Manitoba on June 22nd that left people in shock. It destroyed a highway, 2 houses and damaged other homes. It was also recorded as the first F5 tornado to ever occur in Canada.

LOCATION; Elie is a town in Manitoba which is 30km west of Winnipeg.The tornado first formed in a large corn field, then made it’s way to the Trans Canada highway around 6:30pm, then picked up a large tractor trailer and around 10 cars before heading south towards the towns flour mill causing over 1 million dollars in damage.

PLACE; The population of Elie in 2011 was 562 which is very small to begin with so after the effects of the tornado, it was very hard to adapt the new living standards.
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If you are in a house your best bet would be to go in your basement. And if you have no basement hide under something sturdy, like a table, cover your head and get into fetal position and stay away from windows

TYPES OF TORNADOS; the types of tornados are pretty simple they are F1- F5, F5 is the most dangerous tornado that could ever happen. On many different sites they claim that there could also be an F6 but they have never been recorded or any proof.

TORNADO NAMES; each tornado has a different name due to their type of damage. F1 is called a moderate tornados and there wind speeds are usually 73-112 miles per hour. There damage is usually just some roof shingles peeled back and some cars pushed off the road. F2 is known as a significant tornadoes, the wind speeds are up to 113-157 miles per hour. The F2 damage is roofs torn from houses and large trees snapped off. F3 is called a severe tornados and the wind speeds are 158-206 miles per hour. There damage is roofs and some walls torn from buildings, heavy trucks lifted from the ground. F4 are called Devastating tornados and there wind speeds are 207-260 miles per hour. There damages are well constructed houses are blown off from foundations. F5 are called incredible tornados and there wind speeds are 261-318 miles per hour. The damages are strong framed houses lifted from foundations and the ground swept
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