Elie Wiesel-A Light Of Prosperity In A Gripping Darkness

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Elie Wiesel- A Light of Prosperity in a Gripping Darkness
“The march toward the chimneys looming in the distance under an indifferent sky. The infants thrown into fiery ditches… I did not say they were alive, but that was what I thought. But then I convinced myself: no, they were dead, otherwise I surely would have lost my mind. And yet fellow inmates also saw them; they were alive when they were thrown into the flames. Historians, among them Telford Taylor, confirmed it. And yet somehow I did not lose my mind.” (Wiesel xiii). From seeing this quote from Wiesel’s book, Night, one can see the terror that ran through some of the Jewish concentration camps during the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel’s book titled Night showed of the cruelty showed
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Congressional Gold Medal, the National Humanities Medal, the Medal of Liberty, and the rank of Grand-Croix in the French Legion of Honor. In 1986, Elie Wiesel won the Nobel Prize for Peace...”(Elie Wiesel).
He is now a very well-known author by people from all over the world; his works still inspire people today and due to his inspiring works he has won many awards for just writing about experiences. Elie Wiesel is now a well-known man, his life during the Holocaust is now known all over the world and his book Night alone has been translated to nearly thirty different languages. He has published multiple works, his books ranging from plays to interviews and even memoirs. Finally, he has been given many honors provided by the U.S. Government, Wiesel has been proven worthy of multiple awards, and most medals awarded to him were the highest possible that a man can earn I have been strongly interested in Wiesel’s work ever since I found out about him and most likely after this paper is turned in, I may start reading some of his works. In ending this report, I would like to end it with a quote I had found on one of the web sites from Wiesel
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