Elie Wiesel Compare And Contrast Essay

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Eliezer Wiesel and Jeanne Wakatsuki have very many things in common through rough experiences in the camps they were in. Eliezer and Jeanne have a lot in common like how they both changed personality’s throughout the story, how they showed fear in many situations, and lastly they both learned from these hard experiences. Even though Eliezer and Jeanne can relate in many ways they are actually quite different and experienced different things. For instance, Eliezer was not obstinate like Jeanne. Also, there was a point in the novel where he was completely alone while Jeanne had her family with her throughout the whole time in the camp. Eliezer and Jeanne are very similar because of how they gained so much fear during the time they were in the…show more content…
For example, Jeanne is always obstinate throughout the whole novel no matter what. Even out of the camp Jeanne was very obstinate because there was a time when her father wanted her to not become queen, but she insisted that she would become one and so she did. Eliezer, on the other hand, is very compliant and he does what he is told to do. An example of him doing that is when the SS people would give him demands he would immediately follow their command. Also, Eliezer would always do what his father said because he did not want to fight with his…show more content…
They both suffered through so much and it changed their personalities in different ways. Eliezer was the kid who tried to blend in more and Jeanne was very outgoing and open to new adventures. Eliezer also had a harder time in the camp without his family there by his side compared to Jeanne who had her family. Even though they had different stories to tell during the time the went to a concentration camp they both will never forget those horrible days they went through while they were there. Eliezer and Jeanne were true survivors who went through hell to finally see the outside of the camp
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