Elie Wiesel Diary Essay

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It was the end of 1942 I warned them, but they didn't listen. Foolish of them for not listening, but shame on me for not trying harder.The urge in some people to blow me off as crazy is preposterous. I came back to the town of Sighet to warn the people that death is approaching. I myself was nearly killed a few weeks back as they shipped me out of my own town for being a foreigner. When I was shipped out they made me and all the other people with me dig my own grave. I was one of the lucky ones, I escaped death with just a bullet wound to the leg. Yet I was left for dead with no food, water, or shelter in the middle of Europe. I soon began to navigate myself around until I found my way back to the ghetto where Eli and his family were. At the time I thought God might be calling me to save the lives of these poor people, but they played me off as foolish and “my near death experience” as false and incorrect. I Moshe the Beadle is sharing a first hand account of the time I could, and should have saved the lives of many. When I arrived in camp I grabbed Eli. My words to him were strong and unforgettable, I said “Tell your family you must leave and never return”. Eli wise enough to answer back,…show more content…
The war was almost at over and we were sure that the Allied powers were winning. It was at that moment I began to flash back into time and think about all the things that had happened. None more clear than me decision to turn my back on a fellow family named the Wiesel family. I wondered what happened to them but feared the truth of what happened. I thought to myself that if they died it would be on the shoulders of my own. The truth is I have no idea if anyone in the Wiesel family was still alive and it wrecked me straight to the core for not knowing. In addition, I could have easily could know all the facts if I only forced them to leave their Ghetto and come with me. Thus, a day that
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