Essay On Susan B Anthony The Peril Of Differences

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Indifference is destructive and inhumane

Indifference is defined by Elie Wiesel as lacking empathy or keeping silent while there is discrimination (Anthony, n.d.). He continues to say that indifference is a friend of the enemy because it benefits the aggressor and then disfavors the victims as they feel forgotten. There are two seemingly different speeches, one by Elie Wiesel a survivor of the Holocaust and another by Susan. B Anthony who spoke for women’s right, straight out a theme that the attitude of indifference is destructive and inhumane.
The two speeches by Elie and Susan have different topics and subject. In her speech,” on woman’s right to vote”, Susan B. Anthony talks about how people remained silent for centuries while the oligarchies of learning where elites governed non-elites, rich governed the poor and where these elites decided the fate of the nation (Anthony, n.d.) . People were forced to be idle because they were just women or black while the white landowners ran the country. On the other hand,
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In the speech “the Peril of Indifferences”, Wiesel talks about his story about how he survived Auschwitz from the concentration camps, and how the nations didn’t care about the plight of the Jews. On the other hand, in her speech” On women’s right to vote”, Susan, talks about what happened to her when she illegally voted in 1877 and was regarded as a crime because she voted, yet men were the only ones who were allowed to vote. Besides, both of the speech concluded with questions about the theme, for example, Susan asked whether women are persons while Wiesel questions himself whether people have learned from the past. This shows that the two speakers were showing the injustices that happened in the past as a way of learning from them to make a change and fight against any indifference from happening in the current
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