Elie Wiesel Is Inaccurate Essay

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I personally believe that Elie Wiesel is inaccurate with his claim. He states that “Remembering the Holocaust will help ensure that this type of atrocity does not occur in the future”. I strongly disagree with Elie’s claim because even if people understand this dramatic event, there is always going to be evil in the world and not everyone is going to care about the devastation of these events. Some people will wreck havoc among us, and we can’t stop it with an explanation of what happened last time. We as people need to stop obsessing over the past, and look into our futures, and how we will make the world a better place throughout the future. I don’t believe that people would change their morals, values, and beliefs based on what others think. They would only care about themselves and what they think is best for them. For example, In the novel “Night” by Elie Wiesel, Elie is a young man trapped in Auschwitz and his dad is being beaten by a German Soldier. If Elie would have stopped the officer and asked him to fix his…show more content…
He see’s what's happening and he soon begins to lose his faith and his hope for the future. All in all, we may have never seen the strength or bravery of Elie, had he not kept going forward. He strengthened his faith, and eventually survived Auschwitz. Holocaust survivors seem to always say that without courage and faith, you would never make it out. Another example of this would be when Elie receives gifts from his father. During selections, Elie’s father was marked. This scared him, and he thought he may lose his life. He gave Elie a knife and a spoon. This may not seem like much, but back then, they were worth a lot more. Elie could have said that they were worthless, but instead, he cherished them until he found out that his dad would no longer be executed. Elie knew that two simple things, a knife, and a spoon, could greatly improve his chances of
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