Elie Wiesel Loss Of Faith Analysis

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In the novel by Elie wiesel, the author shows many scenarios of the times he and his father struggled with the loss of faith in the concentration camp. Elie asks his father if he can sell everything, but Elie’s father loses his faith by saying that he is too old to start a new life, too old to travel to some distant country. If Elie’s father would have said that he can go to start a new life, he would have said that he could start a new life.

“I had asked my father to sell everything, to liquidate everything, and to leave.” “ I am too old my son, he answered. “Too old to start a new life, too old to start from scratch in some distant land…” (9) Elie’s father is losing his faith by saying that he is too old. He does not believe that he can travel through his situation. In which if he had faith he would have more confidence that he can travel to a new place to start a new life. Another scenario that shows the loss of faith is when Elie’s father says that the world does not care for them, and that the only thing possible is the crematoria.
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The world is not interested in us. Today anything is possible, even the crematoria…”His voice broke.(33) Elie’s father has lost his faith in the world not doing anything about the holocaust. The only thing Elie’s father has faith in is being put into the crematoria in which he would be cremated. That thought is not a thought that anyone should have faith in. Elie’s father should have faith that he would be getting out of the concentration camp sometime. After a child and two other men were being hung, a man asks where is God, and why is he letting this
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