Elie Wiesel Loss Of Faith In Night

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Sometimes when we are put under the greatest of pressure, it is human nature to crack. While put to the test, many will crack, and only some will hold tight. In Elie Wiesel’s memoir, Night, he is put through the worst situations that are almost impossible for us to imagine. He is put to the test on whether he should keep trusting his faith in God, or just let go. The story begins with a boy whose faith is unshakable and a father whose emotions are untouchable, but by the end, we see both of those fade away. Wiesel reveals the truth that when surrounded by many horrific events, it can lead to one 's loss of religious faith. This is exemplified in Elie’s lack of following religious traditions, many questioning God’s existence, and people believing that they no longer need God to help them survive these brutal conditions.…show more content…
While at the camps, both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur had passed. Elie had debated whether or not he should continue to follow the traditions, including fasting. He kept thinking to himself "Why should I bless his name?...What had I to thank him for?" (31). After seeing how God had not helped the Jews at concentration camps, Elie started to lose his faith in God. He lost faith in God’s justice. He couldn’t understand why God would let such horrible things happen to innocent people. Eventually, Elie had decided, “not to fast” (23). He did this for many reasons. The first was because of his father. Although everyday at the concentration camps was a fasting day, his father had forbidden him to give up any opportunity of eating. The second reason was because he believed that there wasn’t any reason to for he had no longer accepted God’s
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