Elie Wiesel Perils Of Indifference

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The Holocaust was a terrible time in the world’s history. Not many Jewish people made it out of the Holocaust alive, but Elie Wiesel not only made it through the dark years, but he also wrote a book and delivered a speech. Both of these things were meant to tell the world about the horrors that happened in the concentration camps and raise awareness about the Holocaust. The book Night tells us what Elie’s journey throughout 1943-1945 (the time of the Holocaust) was like with Nazis controlling the Jews. In the speech Perils of Indifference, Elie explains why it is dangerous to not have an opinion on certain topics. He says that indifference is how the Holocaust got so bad, with other countries not taking a stance and fighting the Nazis. I think that the book, Night does a better job delivering Elie Wiesel’s message about the Holocaust than his speech, Perils of Indifference because it causes more emotion for me and helps me want to make a difference. Night is effective in delivering Elie’s message about the Holocaust because he gives more detail about what life was like in the concentration camps and his book was written close to his experience. In Night, there is great detail about Elie’s experiences in concentration camps. He explains more about other people in the camps and the guards watching them. In his book, Elie says, “At first, my father simply doubled over under the blows, but then he seemed to break into two like an old tree struck by lightning”
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