Elie Wiesel Reflection

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The memoir Night by Elie Wiesel was about Elie a Jewish boy and his family during World War 2 had been living in fear of being taken away by Nazi. and being killed in an concentration and throughout the story he goes through many events that turn him into the man he is now Over the course of the book,elie wiesel changes from strong willed religious person to A realistic person of not caring about death and just trying to survive. This is important to the book as a whole because it connects to elie transformation throughout the entire story. The change is apparent when Elle starts to think wrong of God, when he become less inspired and hopeful person, to him no stating he never wants to live again after being this scared .
Elie is angry at God for the injustice he lets in the world due to the fact the Nazis hang three children and call the rest of the camp to see what happens. In page 66 the author states that elie had angrily respond to god “ what are you my god? I thought angrily. how do you compare to this stricken mass gather to affirm to you their faith their anger, their defiance what does your grandeur mean matter of the universe in the face of all this cowardice , this decay and this misery? why do you go on troubling these poor people wounded mind , and their ailing bodies. this passage right here shows the discomfort that he feels with god and the people he is affecting around him and he become more unfaithful.
Elie begin to lose all hope in God when his father
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