Elie Wiesel The Book Night

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Q2: Night, is a novel written by Nobel prize winner Elie Wiesel, it was based on his own nightmarish experience at Jewish Concentration camps from 1944 to 1945. Eliezer and his family lived in a small town of Sighet. Their whole town’s population ignored the warning about the German invading. Then the entire Jewish town is transported to concentration camps. At camp Auschwitz, Eliezer is separated from his mother and sister, but stayed with his father. Eliezer struggles to survive against the cruel environment, he also grapples with his faith in God’s justice. A few weeks/months later Eliezer and his father are transported from Auschwitz to Buna. A few months before the concentration camps are liberated by the Americans, Eliezer’s father dies because of extreme fever and beating.…show more content…
Two main themes –struggle of maintaining faith in god, the “silence” are well developed in this section of the
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