Night Compare And Contrast Elie Wiesel And Houston

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In life, people can endure adversities through the aid of the people around them. Wiesel and Houston both reveal this truth among their own passages. In Night, a teen, named Elie, is in a concentration camp and is helped by other characters to surpass the difficulties he faces. Similarly, in Farewell to Manzanar, a Japanese mother and her family are forced to go to an internment camp, where many people help her defeat her challenges. Both Elie and the mother help to prove a common theme between the two passages. Throughout the passages, the theme, people can help one through hard times, is developed by each authors’ use of characters and events. In Night, Elie Wiesel utilizes the characters and events to convey the theme, people can help one through hard…show more content…
Elie is worrisome of his father’s demise; therefore, the Kapo, who understands Elie’s trouble, attempts to comfort him and works him less to allow him to overcome the heartbreak. He knows a heavy workload would put Elie under more stress, which could be prevented. By using the characters and events in Night, Wiesel exhibits the theme that people can help one through hard times. Houston, the author of Farewell to Manzanar, also portrays the same theme; people can help one through hard times, through the use of characters and events. Like Wiesel, Houston uses the characters to create the theme. Woody is helping to reassure his mom when she believes times are too hard. The passage reads, “‘Woody, we can’t live like this. Animals live like this.’ ‘We’ll make it better, Mama. You watch.’” Although the way they live is tough, the character, Woody, helps give his mom hope, further exemplifying the theme. The mother believes that they are living by the standards of animals, but Woody helps to encourage his mom. Woody does not allow his mom to be defeated in this hard time and helps to raise their living standards at all cost. Likewise, the mom feels too uncomfortable to use the
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