Elie Wiesel's Five Letters

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I can 't believe how betrayed I feel. Why I feel betrayed you may ask? Well, the equations all go together. Kiera Seefeldt is Illuminati.

Kiera has five letters. Alien also has five letters. Aliens want to take over Earth. Earth is a planet. It is also the planet we live on.

Coincidence? I think not. Cue the music.

Planets. The aliens also live on a planet. Kiera can 't survive without living on a planet. Wait, I 'm getting an idea... If Kiera can 't survive without living a planet, she must be living on a planet. Oh yes! Earth! But the puzzle doesn 't go together because the aliens must need somewhere to live while they are traveling to Earth. Is there body made out of...oh! They must be on a spaceship. Spaceship. The aliens will get
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