Response To Night By Elie Wiesel

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" remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all..." The Holocaust killed over 6-7 million people. Jews were forced to live in specific areas of the city called ghettos after the beginning of World War ll. In the larger ghettos, up to 1,000 people a day were picked up and brought by train to concentration camps or death camps. Elie Wiesel was a survivor in the Holocaust. He wrote a book called Night. He lived in Sighetu Marmației. Although the Holocaust was a rough time in our history, we still can learn about people's bravery like Elie Wiesel. He studied literature. He was a child of grocery owners. After the Holocaust he became a professor. He has 3 sisters and no brothers. They barely got food in the ghetto. Whatever they…show more content…
all we can say is that we can't have people control our lives so that means we can't give them that much power we don't know how Hitler had all that power that takes more researching and more time I understand that what has happened in our history cannot ever happen again this was something bad and historic.We need to take time to process what has happened to the person we researched it's unbelievable that this happened to these people it wasn't their fault we can't control what are parents are descendants made us it's not our fault it cannot be our fault the actions we make is our fault those actions were ours. I see myself like Elie Wiesel as a person confused and lost he has no one. Not even his parents. I want color are skin is or 4 female or male or if we're good or bad doesn't mean it's our fault we want to live a Civil Life or in a civil environment this isn't civil making making War are making hatred out of people. This was not supposed to happen Jewish people feel like they're trapped they're all alone they can't fight they have no weapon the only weapon they have other voices just to know that one person or one voice can speak over millions is crazy no one would ever expect this to be happening or that being the way it was in the 1940s all rows have to be civilized and we have peace. what I think about Elie Wiesel is that you are important just Who You Are no matter what who anyone else can't be or can be be yourself you are special the way you are no one can tell you different. What has happened won't happen again. we will have to teach our kids what what we know so this doesn't happen again. our leader will not let this happen again. he will not give an evil person that much power to do that again. our country has to be good sometimes it can be bad will be cruel but we want to be good we
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