Night Dehumanization Analysis

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Night: Dehumanization “He was so terrible that he was no longer terrible. Only dehumanized” (F. Scott Fitzgerald). Jews were treated so badly that they began to act terribly but eventually they reached the point beyond repair and it was all due to dehumanization. The Holocaust took place in WW2, it was a horrific event that killed millions of Jews. Many Jews were taken from their homes and were killed, or were treated less than animals until death of starvation or exhaustion. Elie Wiesel shows many instances of dehumanization through the abuse of all Jews and the loss of his own name. Through doing so, he tries to prevent any similar event. Many Jews suffered from dehumanization during this terrifying event. Elie was very affected by these acts of dehumanization, such as when he and other Jews were shaved completely. It made Elie and the rest feel naked and it played a role in destroying his faith. Elie says, “The clippers torn out… on our bodies” (Wiesel, 35). They shaved him like he was a sheep. Schlomo, Elie’s, was also affected by these acts of dehumanization. In one scene Schlomo feels helpless, like a wounded animal. Elie describes the scene by saying, “Then, as if…show more content…
Most believe that the Holocaust is a lie that the Jews made up to for certain gains. One researcher claims, “A third of the U.S. doesn’t believe in the Holocaust” (Jeff Nesbit). Elie wants wants to prove that the Holocaust is real and not a huge deceit. People ignore the Holocaust and Elie wants to change that. The researcher states, “Half of the people in the world never heard of the Holocaust” (Jeff Nesbit).lie wants it to be brought back into the public eye. Elie also wrote the book to tell about the horrors that he can recall. One most memorable moment was when Elie says, “The SS used threats of death … (Wiesel, 114). Elie mainly uses the books to tell just hoe terrible it all was for him and all other
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