Elie Wiesel's Speech Perils Of Indifference

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The book Night and its counterpart speech Perils of Indifference are two very thought stimulating pieces of literature. Night is a book that is explaining the experience of Elie Wiesel as well many other similar experiences in the Holocaust. Perils of Indifference is a speech given in April 12, 1999 it was presented in front of many members of congress along with President Clinton. I do believe that the book Night provides a better explanation for what Wiesel’s message was, because it goes into more depth. The book “Night” does a great job at explaining harshness of the concentration camps he had been in, and he does so with such detail, the book has also reached a myriad amount of people. The book Night explained what the camps look and felt like, so we could get a better picture of what it felt like. Explaining what the camps in as much detail as he did is important so we can visualize how bad it actually was in the camps “The courtyard turned into something like an antechamber to an operating room”. (Wiesel…show more content…
The speech was given in front of many important people in our society at the time, such as President Clinton, it also said some very powerful things about indifference and the dangers of it. Wiesel gave his speech in front of many different powerful people in our country at the time. This fact is important because these were the people that could voice an opinion on the matter and make a difference in our country. These are the people that had a platform to make a change, and are able to inform the public. My second reason is that it proved some very good points about indifference and how it is bad. The speech also brought the conversation outside of the Holocaust. “In a way, to be indifferent to that suffering is what makes the human being inhuman”. (Wiesel) This is an example of one of his many interesting, thought provoking quotes from the
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