Elie Wiesel's Relationship With His Father In Night

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The Holocaust
What would you need in order to survive the worst experience of your life? In Elie Wiesel memoir Night he and his father experience are real life night mare. Elie Wiesel needed his father in that terrible time they were put in a concentration camp. Having his father with him increased his chances of surviving the holocaust. His father was his motivation.

As time passes, Elie matures and takes responsibility, he will do anything he can do to protect his father. Time passes by and Elie and his father do not look the same. They are skinny and starting to loose strength. There was a time where his father and himself were draped In a blanket covered in snow. Elie sensed that his dad not moving and thought he was dead." He was not moving. Suddenly the evidence overwhelmed met here was no reason to live, any reason to fight" (98-99). Since his father could have been dead he would have given up. He wouldn't have anybody, he's alone alone so why fight to live? However Elie was not going to give up on his father, not yet. Gravediggers were coming to throw out all who were dead; so many people were being thrown out. Elie was scared they were going to throw out his father, he tried waking him but nothing occurred. The gravediggers approached Elie. "No! I yelled. He's not dead! Not yet! And I started to hit him harder and
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Having his father there made it easier for Elie. Elie had someone who would be there for him no matter the circumstances. His father loved him and did everything he could to protect Elie in the terrible time in the concentration camp. Elie learned to be strong and to take responsibility. His father dies and Elie is going to remember him forever as the man who sacrificed everything he had left for young Elie.Thanks to his father, Elie learned to take care of someone and how to survive by himself. You're family is going to be there for you, they are your blood and that bond between you all cannot be
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