Elie Wiesel's The Legend Of El Diablo

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It all started when a heartless mafia boss lived in Italy, most people feared him but some even called a monster or El Diablo that is the leader of the Italian kings gang. He kills without thought and remorse. One night when the people of the village were partying he and his guys came in and massacre everyone because they ignore his request for money for “protecting” their business and having the business on his block. The owner son, Berry Woulf was infuriated he packed his weapons and stuff and headed for El Diablo. He got in his car and sped off. First he needed to find out where El Diablo was at so he headed around town to asks people questions, after four hours of asking he found out where one of El Diablo’s associates lives right outside of town, so he headed home to get some rest.…show more content…
After a few hours of driving he reached his destination. He scouted the area to look for any enemies in his area. He cocked his pistol and silently walked up the stairs the halls were very quiet. He climbed a few floors before seeing a few guards with guns, he took the first guy out it alerted the other guard the other guard shot back but Berry used the wall as coverage from the bullets. He then fired back wounded the guard in the leg the guard tried to drag himself but berry caught up to him and took him out. He then stumbled upon a
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