Elijah And David Analysis

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In our poster, we are using five different techniques to communicate the idea that Elijah and David are two parts of one whole. Our first technique is the usage of the brain: the brain epitomizes both the characters’ personalities, and their perspectives of the world. The left side of the brain is usually very logical and tends to live in the past and future, people who are left brained tend to use their mind rather than their heart and emotions. Hence shown in the quotes, we put in the brain that represents Elijah is living in the past, where the kids bullied him. He is living in the future too as he tries to find out who he is by strategic planning.The right side of the brain shows emotion and living in the present. As a man who follows a murderer to his house…show more content…
In comic books, the scenes are framed within borders of white as Elijah is convinced he is living a comic book life. Elijah is framed inside because he is trapped in his own twisted comic book world, whereas David’s world has expanded to the outside. At the beginning of the film, David is constantly being framed internally as he is not a part of his family, and did not know his place in life. At the end of the film, David finds his place in the world, therefore his spectrum continues out of the border. The black at the left side shows extreme evil, and the green that continues out through the right side shows how David’s good behavior will affect the world. However, at the end, we connect the brains to show that they are interconnected. Initially, Elijah questions his existence in this world, however near the end of the movie he reveals that his existence is because of David. He seldom cares about the casualties he caused because he realizes his true identity is one of a villain. In every story, a superhero can not exist without a villain. Thus, David exists because of Elijah, and therefore, the brains are
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