Elimination Persuasive Speech

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We all do it, but most of us don 't like discussing it. Elimination is a necessity of life that often doesn 't go as smoothly as we 'd like. Unpredictability, constipation, cramps and incomplete elimination are some of the things that can go wrong. When you aren 't able to defecate predictably or with successful results, your body may respond in a number of negative ways. Especially since most people sit all day, the pressure on the intestines adds to the problem. Your internal organs, spine, neck muscles and more bear the brunt of too much sitting and it 's now shown to possibly take years off of your life. No matter how you spend your day, the time you spend in the bathroom should be productive, not painful or partial. Unfortunately, the way you 're probably accustomed to going may not be right for proper elimination. Normal sitting on a toilet does not allow for free flow through the colon to the point of…show more content…
Squatting offers relief from constipation for many, and also assists in emptying the colon without leaving anything behind -- a situation which can cause complications, such as leakage and straining. If you 're experiencing any kind of problems with number 2, your number 1 solution may be the Squatty Potty. http://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=54647 Another element of life that negatively impacts your digestive tract is everyday stress. Yoga can be a lifesaver -- literally -- for those suffering with overwhelming stress from any source, from work, relationships, finances -- you name it. While you may not be able to stop in the middle of your busy day to engage in a thoughtful 30 minutes of poses, you can take five to regain your sanity and take control over stress. Letting it go on and on as the day progresses means that by the time you head for home, your head is throbbing, heart is pounding and stomach is bound in knots. Addressing it incrementally nips it in the bud. Try Quick Yoga for Stress whenever,

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