Elinor And Marianne Dashwood And The Comparison Of Sense And Sensibility By Jane Austen

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In Jane Austen 's sense and sensibility the two main characters Elinor and Marianne Dashwood represent sense and sensibility, respectively. Sense is defined as practical intelligence reasonable thought; something sensible or reasonable Elinor Dashwood fits into the definition of word perfectly. She is down to Earth sensible practical and rational. The dictionary defines sensibility as capacity for being affected emotionally or intellectually Marianne Dashwood fits into this definition quite well. She is ruled by her emotion and has delicate and sensitive feelings. As sister, the two girls are very close and sometimes very much alike, but more than not, as different as night and day. Elinor Dashwood is the eldest of the two sisters. She fits the common stereotype of the eldest being the practical and rational sibling. She doesn 't often let her emotion show and often has to make up for Marianne 's shortcomings, caused by her overactive, emotions, Marianne is a very emotional girl. Who has a dramatic opinion on everything. She lets her emotion and her heart lead her, instead of her mind upon living their dear home Noreland Marianne exclaims "oh! Happy house could you know what I suffer in now viewing you form whence perhaps I may view you no more". Although Elinor is also saddened at having to leave Noraland. She quietly keeps it to herself. While her sister bursts forth a sorrowful good bye. The flighty emotionally of Marianne can be instantly seen upon the arrival of John
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