Elisa Allen In The Salinas Valley

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In the Salinas Valley, Elisa Allen was working in her garden of chrysanthemum on a foggy December day. As she was working in her garden, Elisa frequently glanced at her husband, Henry. He was conversing with two gentlemen near the tractor shed. Elisa was searching for insects in her garden when Henry approached her ad began talking about her garden and explaining why the gentlemen were there. As they continued to talk, they decide to go into Salinas for dinner and a movie. Henry stated he had a few things to take care of beforehand, so he left Elisa to her garden. A wagon with the words “Pots, pans, knifes, sisors, lawnmowers, Fixed.” painted on the side came down the dirt road and turned into the Allen’s yard. A large man with a grey stubble-beard
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