Elite Athletes Research Paper

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Elite Athletes’ End-of-career Transition 1. Introduction The Olympic champions, who are viewed as heroes of country, encounter difficulties, especially after retirement. Physical injuries during training, psychological adaption and unemployment are their major retirement problems. According to Liu and Lu (2016), around 30% of athletes in Liaoning Province did not receive any retirement help. There is a need to reform the elite sports system in China, thereby continuously absorbing new talents for the country. This report briefly outlines the major dilemmas faced by the retired Chinese athletes and corresponding improvements in which the government plays a dominant role. 2. Dilemma Faced by Retired Chinese Athletes This section discusses the challenges that exist in the retirement life of most Chinese athletes. 2.1. Disengagement from Education and Unemployment Insufficient academic education and work-related skill hamper athletes’ effort in grabbing jobs after retirement. To entirely engage in the secluded intensive…show more content…
Physical Injuries and Psychological Difficulties The health of athletes is physically and mentally threatened. Achievements in the competition are contributed by the assiduous and harsh training in which the athletic injuries are inevitable. Once injured, there are sequelae which not only diminish athletes’ ability to work afterward but also increase the financial burden due to the costly fee of consistent medical treatments. To edge into the top, the athletes face expectation and pressure from the surrounding, followed by mental issues like anxiety. Their self-esteem of athletes is mostly established upon every achievement and breakthrough during their careers. A halt to their sports training when they are extremely injured (Ling & Hong, 2015) or at retired age means the loss of life focus and the source of confidence. The end of sports careers, alongside with worries towards uncertainty during the retirement life, create trough for
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