Elizabeth A Confidante

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In the darkest times of sadness, in the deepest confines of human affliction, hope and liberation are found in becoming openly vulnerable to the ones who understand and care the most. This concept is the embodiment of the relationship between Jane and Elizabeth Bennet in Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice. As Elizabeth’s sole confidante, Jane functions as not only an advocate for trusting openness as Elizabeth’s sister and best friend, but as a representation of societal norms and a foil character to Elizabeth’s judgmental nature, aiding the triumph over Elizabeth’s constant battle with pride and prejudice . With only Jane to confide in, the moments shared between the two sisters hold immense importance throughout the novel. It is in these moments which Jane’s function as a confidante transforms from sister to best friend, even bordering motherly. With such an absurdly tunnel-visioned mother as Mrs. Bennet, Elizabeth easily choses to have the conversations she cannot have with Mrs. Bennet with Jane instead. Through these moments with Jane, Elizabeth’s deeper emotions and feelings are revealed, creating a more firm understanding, connection, and impact on the reader’s mind. The deep trust embodied in their relationship creates an environment that encourages openness and honesty, aspects of the novel which add depth and…show more content…
Because Jane is not blinded by prejudice, she offers consolation and positive interpretations of negative situations, lessening Elizabeth’s harsh opinions of others, transforming judgment to acceptance. The ultimate result of this is Elizabeth’s realization of her true love for Darcy. By setting aside much of her self-pride and prejudice towards Darcy’s past, Elizabeth fully realizes her true feelings, coming to terms with many of the internal and external conflicts she faces throughout the
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