Exploring Elizabeth Arden's Contribution To The Beauty Industry

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Elizabeth Arden’s inspiration was that she had always believed that beauty should never be just an ordinary cover of makeup, rather an intellectual bond between nature and science. Elizabeth’s inspiration started while she studied nursing. While studying nursing, the lotions used for burn treatment managed to catch Elizabeths attention. After studying, Elizabeth moved to New York in 1908, as her brother was staying there at the time. While being at New York, she worked as an assistant for a beautician named Eleanor Adair. She worked as a bookkeeper for the prominent Squibb Pharmaceutical Company. Working there, Elizabeth got impressed by the high tech laboratories and the constant attention given towards the Research and Development. By observing all this, it became her inspiration and wanted to start a small laboratory of her own where she would do experiments and tests her own ideas for beauty products. As said, it really did inspire Elizabeth Arden to get involve in the beauty industry as she partnered up with Elizabeth Hubbard and started a salon of their own. A few years later, her partnership with Elizabeth Hubbard came to an end due to some problem. Without giving up, Elizabeth Arden was determined to work alone. She continued her business with the original name of her salon, but with an extra name added behind it which was…show more content…
Using that substance she created a product called “Lip-Fix” which was a product that stopped lipstick from bleeding. The “Lip-Fix” product was a big success. With the same idea of the “Lip-Fix” product, Elizabeth sourced a new idea which was “Eye-Fix”. Thinking that the product would be a hit like the previous product, Elizabeth leaked out the information to her customers. Instead, Elizabeth did not get and interest feedback from her customers. This is because all her customers were caught in the “Lip-Fix”
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