Elizabeth Bathory: The Blood Countess

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Elizabeth Bathory: The Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory was a wealthy countess who lived in 16th century Nyírbátor, Hungary. Bathory was a distinguished noble woman who resided in the Cachtice Castle in Slovakia, and for the duration of her life she successfully ruled over 17 villages. At first appearance the countess appeared to be a strong female leader, but she had a dark secret that would cause her fall. When Bathory was 10 years old she was betrothed to Ferenc Nádasdy with the intention of gaining political advantage. Nádasdy shortly became the Chief Commander of the Hungarian troops and left the country to fight for his nation. In his absence, Bathory handled all of the finances and needs of the people on her own, but slowly began to develop the strange new hobby of torturing young servant girls. Torture wasn’t unusual for the time period, yet it was only used for disciplining and punishment, while Bathory used it for personal pleasure. Bathory was a sexual sadist; a person who experiences sexual arousal from causing pain or anguish to others. Bathory started out inflicting minor tortures such as rubbing honey over a girls naked body so bugs would bite her, but she craved a more invasive and harmful torture. She began to torture the genitalia of her victims, but had to stop when her husband returned from war and restrained her ability to torture. While her husband was home Bathory could only inflict minor tortures on her servants and was not able to…show more content…
Elizabeth Bathory’s nefarious deeds immortalised her and made her into an inspiration for gothic novels, movies, artwork, and cult followings. To this day she remains to be the most notorious female serial killer of all times; no one in history has ever been able to come close to matching the sick, sexual sadistic torture of the blood
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