Elizabeth Bidisland's Race Around The World Summary

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Essay Although Matthew Goodman illustrates good points in the “Elizabeth Bisland’s Race Around the World” it has a few minor details that could have be improved. Goodman mentions more about the life and the beliefs of Elizabeth Bisland then the actual race itself. The first three paragraphs are just about her life and who she was. The article starts by describing the beginning of Elizabeth Bisland career as a success and concludes with an interesting perspective of Elizabeth Bisland.
The title is in my opinion is a weakness it drives the article in an opposite direction.People would expect to read how Bisland felt during her races in this article. The article it self takes a different direction the direct quotes such as “on the thirteenth
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By using direct quotes to explain her point of view such as “There is a certain desperation in the realization that no repairs are possible” really gave strength to the article. The chronological order of the article is very exceptional. It not only describes her life but her experiences, but it also gave the reader proof of why Bisland thought the way she did. The author uses the positive connotation in this arguments. During most of the article he never mentions anything negative about Bisland. Generally Goodman stayed posited about Bisland and example in his last paragraph “but she deserves to be better remembered than she is – for the gorgeousness of her prose, of course, and the clear-sightedness of her perspective on the condition of women”. This definitely shows the reader that the author is biased an other example of this is “She was tall, with an elegant, almost imperious bearing that made her appear even taller; she had large dark eyes and luminous pale skin and spoke in a low, gentle voice”. Goodman definitely favors Bisland writing. This is definitely a weakness in the article which shows that the passages could not be trusted to it's entirety. The reader doesn’t see the complete picture only glimes that the author believed were a good aspect of Bisland. The images in the passage were a good source of primary evidance which help to more thoroughly explain the characteristic
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