Elizabeth Blackwell: Breaking Down Prejudice Against Women In Medicine

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On February 3, 1821 in Bristol, England a remarkable woman was born. Her name was Elizabeth Blackwell. At the time most of society gave women minimum rights, because they were thought to not be as educated as men. But Blackwell proved everyone wrong. She was an intelligent woman, who followed her dreams. Doing this she was the first woman to become a doctor, breaking down prejudice against women in medicine.
Elizabeth Blackwell lived a privileged life as a child, which led up to her great achievements. Growing up during this time period, women did not have as many rights as men did. Most girls as children did not have an education, because they were “supposed to be doing chores around the house” while boys receive an education. But Blackwell was part of a family of success, and her father made sure Elizabeth was involved in school. He did this by hiring a private tutor to educate Elizabeth and her eight brothers and
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When Blackwell accomplished becoming the first female doctor, other women who have had Elizabeth’s dream of becoming a doctor, were given the opportunity to do so. Elizabeth Blackwell was involved in breaking down prejudice against women in medicine. As one may know Elizabeth opened the New York Infirmary for women and children, doing this provided training and experience for women doctors, and medical care for the poor. Even being a girl who received an education, she proved it is possible for a female to be successful. Doctor Blackwell introduced the belief that sanitation and personal hygiene play tremendous roles in the prevention of disease, this impacted the future of humanity because now we know healthcare is important. Finally Blackwell spent most of her life in England, continuing to increase opportunities for women in the medical profession. Elizabeth Blackwell dedicated her life to helping others whether physically helping a patient or fighting for women's
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