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According to the Webster dictionary, honor is defined as “to regard with great respect”. While I, however, agree with this definition, I also think honor, is how well you serve God. I also believe honor is when someone does something to help others, overcomes a great obstacle, or achieves a goal of many, we should recognize what they have achieved. Elizabeth Blackwell is a perfect example what it is to be honorable. In her short 89 years, she achieved many great things. She was born on February 3rd, 1821. She was born to Samuel Blackwell and Hannah Lane Blackwell in Bristol England. Her father was the owner of a sugar plant. She had many siblings. Her sisters’ names were Anna, Marianne, Emily, and Ellen. Her brothers were George,…show more content…
Sadly after Blackwell contracted this disease, she lost sight in one eye and had to give up her dream of being a surgeon. She returned to New York City and applied for multiple positions as a physician, but was rejected because she was a woman. Blackwell then established a private practice and her sister Emily, who had also wanted a medical career, soon joined her. Together they came up with the New York Infirmary and College for Women, which was operated by and for women. Elizabeth Blackwell also continued to fight for the admission of women to medical schools. In the 1860s she organized a unit of female field doctors during the Civil War were slavery and secession was fought over. She trained many women to be nurses and sent them to the Union Army. Fortunately, many women wanted to receive training at this time. Around this time Blackwell also adopted a daughter, Katherine Barry, who she called Kitty. Kitty served as her companion for the rest of her life. She began to see women and children in her home as well. As she developed her practice, she also wrote about health, and she published her own book in 1852 as, “The Laws of Life”, and, “Special Reference to the Physical Education of Girls”. She also had articles and autobiographies that attracted many readers and inspired women all over the world. Her female education guide was also published in Spain, as well as her autobiography. All of the things she wrote about went to better the community and the world around

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