Review Of The Book Elizabeth Cady Stanton: A Radical For Women's Rights

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Abigayle Sledz
HIST 1301/1302
October 4, 2016
Renée Celeste
CATCHY TITE (REPLACE) Within the book Elizabeth Cady Stanton A Radical for Women’s Rights, Louis W. Banner takes a unique view point on the Feminism movements in which Cady Stanton was actively involved in. Having grown up in a similar household as Cady, Banner possessed many comparable views on social standards as she did. But unlike Cady, Banner was a man enforcing feminism. Neither conformed to their societies and their standards, nor settled in the ways of their upbringing.
Louis wrote Elizabeth Cady Stanton a Radical for Women’s Rights, to highlight a significant influential woman’s lifetime of hardships and accomplishments, as well as to stand for a man’s self-validation of
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