Elizabeth Cady Stanton A Radical For Women's Rights Summary

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The book “Elizabeth Cady Stanton: A Radical for Women’s Rights” was not a very good book. It was very boring, and nothing in it was very motivational to keep reading; however it is a good way to learn about the most important pioneers for the women’s movement in America in the 19th century. The thesis statement in the very beginning of the book gives a very clear point to what the book is going to be about. In this book critique, the reader will get a brief overview about what is going on in the book, the author, and how the author writes her novels. The author of the book is Lois W. Banner. She is a very educated woman, and she has a very well writing style. She really knew what she was talking about when writing this book. She did leave…show more content…
Banner writes about the personal relationships, as well as the philosophical areas of the women's rights. None of her letters or anything are actually added into this book, she tries to give ideas and details without them. Banner talks about Stanton’s role in the women's rights and suffrages, and also examines Stanton's relationships with her husband, Susan B. Anthony, and other leading feminists of the nineteenth century also. This book, “Elizabeth Cady Stanton: A Radical for Women’s Rights,” is similar to many other books in history. There is many novels overs women’s suffrage because it was a big part of many people’s life. The novel that is the most similar to Banners book, would have to be “In Her Own Right,” by Elisabeth Griffith. It talks about women’s suffrage, but the main point and character of the book is about Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The book is not interesting and very boring, but it may be good for older people to read because they may actually know what is going on with the women’s rights and suffrage, unlike younger adults or students. If a young adult or a student try to read this they will most likely get very bored, and stop reading it at the very beginning because it is that awful of a book; however, people that enjoy history and learning about others, this would be a great book for them to
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