Elizabeth Cady Stanton And The Women's Rights Movement

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Women had always been considered lesser than man, and had few rights compared to men. They were expected to stay home and nurture the family. In 1848, many women refused to allow their rights to be “compromised” and held the first women’s rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York. One of these women was Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She played a huge role in the women’s rights movement and became one of its founders. Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s refusal to compromise on Women’s Rights inspired many other women to follow her example and led to an important change in the history of the United States, and that is suffrage for women. Throughout history, women tended to keep getting less and less rights. Roman women had almost as many rights as men, and had many of the rights that women in the seventeenth century were denied. Married women had the right to enter into contracts and own and dispose of property, as well as having certain limited rights. In the thirteenth century, the Cult of Domesticity began to to develop. Men stated that in legal matters they were to act as their wives’ guardians and that their wives were obliged to obey them in all matters. Only a century later, men began referring to women as feme covert, the absorption of the wife’s legal personality into her husband’s control. Despite this, married women still had more flexibility in the way they were treated through the fifteenth century. It was not until King Henry VIII’s Act of Supremacy (1534), which declared him
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